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Positions and Views of Gary Swing
on Immigration
Candidate for U.S. House Of Representatives Congressional District 6, Colorado
November 4, 2014 Colorado General Election
Party: Green Party of Colorado
Phone: (303) 720-4541
Address: 6000 W. Yale Ave.
Denver CO 80227
Gary Swing's positions and views on the issues:
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Immigration Positions and Views
Immigration, a General Statement I oppose the racist scapegoating of immigrants. We must address the real causes of high immigration levels: an unsustainable, high consumption lifestyle in the United States; globalist economic policies that exploit Third World nations for the benefit of transnational corporations; and labor policies designed to drive down wages. We must reform international trade policies to protect labor, human rights, and the environment. Fair trade should promote local self-reliance, not foreign corporate domination. Permanent border passes should be granted to citizens of Mexico and Canada. It should be easy to get work permits that are not tied to a specific employer. Tom Tancredo is the only minor party candidate who has received significant media attention in Colorado this year. Tancredo is running for governor on an agenda of anti-immigrant bigotry. If he gets more than 10% of the vote, the American Constitution Party will qualify as a major party. Despite its name, the Constitution Party advocates theocratic government based upon biblical law. We already have two fascist major parties in Colorado. We don't need a third.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Immigration Reform I support a reasonable pathway to citizenship.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Federal Enforcement of Immigration Laws Opposed.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
State Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws Opposed.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Local Enforcement of Immigration Laws Opposed.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
State and Local Immigration Laws Opposed.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Border Control & Fence Opposed
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Guest Worker Program This is the modern equivalent of indentured servitude. I oppose the program.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/23/2008)
Securing Our Borders We should demilitarize the borders.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Visa Enforcement I understand that is already a $25 late fee for missing a VISA card payment, and your interest rate can also be jacked up dramatically.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Arizona's Strict New Immigration Law I oppose this.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
English-Only Laws I oppose this.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Deportation It depends upon where you want to deport me to.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants I support reasonable opportunities for undocumented resident aliens to apply for citizenship.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Self-Deportation Currently, I do not have sufficient financial resources available to deport myself. I would need to be able to obtain legal, gainful employment overseas before I could seriously consider living in another country. The "love it or leave it" argument is idiotic. Nevertheless, I would like to expatriate some day a country that is more sane than the United States. If someone were to offer me gainful employment in Western Europe, South America, or New Zealand, I would be happy to consider the offer.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Real ID Act I oppose the real ID act.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Database Of Foreigners I absolutely oppose this.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Americanization Opposed.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Immigration Application Fees Opposed
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Using National Guard Troops to Secure Mexican Border Absolutely opposed.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Employers Who Hire Illegals It should be easy to apply for legal employment.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Illegal Immigration as a Felony Opposed
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/23/2008)
Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Support
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Criminalize Assistance to Illegal Immigrants Absolutely opposed.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Immigrant Troops I oppose the practice of recruiting foreign mercenaries to participate in American war crimes.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/23/2008)
Legal Status for Undocumented Farm Workers Support
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
English as the Official National Language No. I oppose racism and bigotry.
Source: Gary Swing (09/03/2010)
Alien Minors Extraterrestrials should not be forced to work in mines.
Source: Gary Swing (09/03/2010)
Minutemen Project Opposed.
Source: Gary Swing (09/03/2010)
These are available issue topics for which there were no responses.
Social Services to Undocumented Immigrants
E-Verify System
Undocumented Immigrants Impact on US Economy
High-Skilled Worker Immigration
Citizenship through Military Service
Review of the 14th Amendment
Driver's Licenses to Illegals
Organization of American States (OAS) Diplomacy
H-1B Program
Undocumented Immigrants
Electronic Verification System for Employers
Immigrant Birthright Citizenship
Naturalization Backlog for Immigrants
Legal Residency for Immigrant Youth
Permanent Partners Immigration Act
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