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Positions and Views of Gary Swing
on Gay & Lesbian
Candidate for U.S. House Of Representatives Congressional District 6, Colorado
November 4, 2014 Colorado General Election
Party: Green Party of Colorado
Phone: (303) 720-4541
Address: 6000 W. Yale Ave.
Denver CO 80227
Gary Swing's positions and views on the issues:
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Gay & Lesbian Positions and Views
Gay Marriage Sure. Marriage is a voluntary social contract between consenting adults.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
The Military Don't Ask/Don't Tell Policy Repeal it.
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Prohibiting Same Sex Marriage Recognition between States (Defense of Marriage Act) Rubbish
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Sexual Orientation Discrimination I oppose discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Homosexuality as a Choice or Genetics I don't know. Why should that be a public policy question?
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Homosexuality as being Immoral or a Sin Nonsense
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Exposing Children to Gay Couples Wouldn't that be child pornography? Or do you just mean having children around gay couples? There's nothing wrong with that.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Marriage Left Solely to the States Marriage is a decision for the individuals involved. Governments should respect the legal rights of those consenting adults who choose to marry.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/23/2008)
Sexual Orientation in Anti-Discrimination Laws Support
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Federal Constitutional Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Absolutely not.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Equal Tax Treatment of Same Sex Couples Yes.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Domestic Partnerships Support
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Civil Unions Support
Source: Gary Swing (10/26/2010)
Gays Serving in the Military I'm morally opposed to the U.S. military.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Gays Adopting Children Support
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
These are available issue topics for which there were no responses.
Gay Rights, a General Statement
Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Domestic Partner Health Benefits Act
Comparison of Gay Gights Movement with Civil Rights Movement
Legislation for Hate Crimes
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