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Positions and Views of Gary Swing
on Taxes
Candidate for U.S. House Of Representatives Congressional District 6, Colorado
November 4, 2014 Colorado General Election
Party: Green Party of Colorado
Phone: (303) 720-4541
Address: 6000 W. Yale Ave.
Denver CO 80227
Gary Swing's positions and views on the issues:
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Taxes Positions and Views
Taxes, a General Statement The 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never legally ratified. There is no law requiring Americans to pay a federal income tax on their labor. The federal income tax should be abolished and replaced with a national "fair tax" (progressive national sales tax). About 48 percent of the federal income tax revenue is now budgeted for past and present military costs plus the military portion of the national debt. This accounts for $1,398 billion in Fiscal Year 2011, including $721 billion for the misnamed "Department of Defense," $155 billion for the military portions of other departments, $123 billion for veterans benefits, and $399 billion for interest on the military portion of the national debt. See for details. I support war tax resistance. (See the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee website at As a candidate, I support cutting the military budget by at least 90 percent effective immediately, and restricting the military to non-offensive territorial defense of the United States.
Source: Gary Swing (09/03/2010)
National Sales Tax I support replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
Child Tax Credit Opposed
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/23/2008)
Oil Company Tax Breaks Opposed
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/23/2008)
Internal Revenu Service (IRS) Abolish the IRS.
Source: Gary Swing (Write-in) (10/22/2008)
These are available issue topics for which there were no responses.
Tax Code
Income Tax Rates
Taxing the the Wealthiest 1%
Corporate Income Taxes
Taxes on Interest, Dividends, and Capital Gains
Estate Taxes (Death / Birth Tax)
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
Extending the Bush Tax Cuts
Value-Added Tax
Tax Proposals
Taxes Policy
Flat Tax
Reforming and Simplifying Federal Taxes
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Marriage Penalty
Income Tax on Seniors
Tax Rates on Private Equity Funds
2001 Tax Cuts
Tax Credits for College
Tax Credits for Health Care
Tax-Free Savings Accounts
Business Tax Credits
R&D Tax Credit
Corporate Tax Loopholes
Offshore Tax Havens
Property Taxes
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